Viessmann Refrigeration Solutions and Noyes Technologies announce partnership

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Viessmann Refrigeration Solutions GmbH, a leading supplier of commercial refrigeration solutions, and Noyes Technologies, the first supplier of an automated and highly flexible nano-storage system, are cooperating to develop an innovative, modular and fully automated refrigeration system for the revolutionary NoyesStorage. This will be a valuable addition to the Noyes and Viessmann offering, intended to radically simplify and streamline storage of products with complex requirements such as temperature and hygienic safety. The offering is aimed to be available by 2023 and sets the foundation for a long-term partnership between the two companies.

Aaron Spiegelburg, Marco Prüglmeier and Frank Winters in Munich.png
Image (from left to right): Aaron Spiegelburg, Marco Prüglmeier and Frank Winters in Munich

Noyes Technologies builds compact, modular storage solutions for smaller – typically urban – spaces with its NoyesStorage. Especially within the Q-Commerce business, it is essential to store a large variety of products with complex requirements in a confined space. Suppliers are faced with a particularly difficult challenge given strict specifications for the storage of groceries. Refrigeration has repeatedly been named as one of the biggest challenges; compliance with the cold chain must be ensured, perishable products such as fresh meat and dairy products must be constantly checked for their best-before date, and different environments must be maintained for individual product groups. In high-rent urban storage areas, storage systems should additionally be as space efficient as possible.

The innovative refrigeration system, which incorporates Viessmann’s extensive expertise in refrigeration with the automatized warehouse solution from Noyes, provides an answer to these challenges. The modular design enables the storage system to be assembled according to the customer’s individual requirements and with a precise fit. Furthermore, the accurate product storage temperatures can be specified individually ensuring food safety compliance by cooling individual units. Simultaneously, a maximum space efficiency for the storage system is guaranteed. The automated nano-warehouse will be developed to have minimum ecological impact, based on the natural refrigerants, and ensuring energy optimization.

Marco Prueglmeier, co-founder and CEO of Noyes, says: “Until now, there has been no solution on the market to store different products with varying temperature requirements in a confined space and in an energy-efficient, flexible way. By partnering with Viessmann, we are now developing a revolutionary system with measurable added value for customers. We are proud to have a market leader like Viessmann at our side to jointly shape the storage system industry of the future.”

Frank Winters, CEO of Viessmann Refrigeration Solutions, comments: “We are proud to partner with such an innovative company as Noyes, with its extended expertise in robotics. Their strengths combined with Viessmann’s digital, sustainable, and integrated solution offering will create a future-oriented offering specifically for urban logistics. Both traditional retailers as well as the Quick commerce companies are welcome to contribute to a revolutionary new eco system for bringing food to people.”

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