Thermo King enables wireless connectivity with wLog, new data logger and temperature monitoring solution

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Thermo King®, a leader in transport temperature control solutions and a brand of Trane Technologies, announced wLog, a new wireless connectivity device allowing transporters to collect essential information about the temperature and humidity inside their vehicles.

Working with a dedicated app and independent from reefer and telematics devices, Thermo King’s wLog datalogger is easy-to-install on any type of vehicle. Offering EN12830 compliant temperature data certified with +/- 0.5K accuracy, wLog can help last-mile, pharma and other transporters ensure accurate temperature and humidity during transit and offer proof for their end-customers requiring temperature traceability for the cargo.

“Control and monitoring of temperatures during transport is key to ensure perishables like food and pharmaceuticals are kept at adequate conditions,” said Raluca Radu, portfolio leader at Thermo King. “With wLog, transporters receive a simple solution that can increase their credibility with clients thanks to recorded and stored data and easy generation of trip reports containing information of temperature levels inside their vehicles throughout the journey. wLog can be quickly installed anywhere in the vehicle and offer temperature and humidity traceability without investing in telematics systems.”

Thermo King wLog is available in two options: Standard, logging only temperature data, and Premium, logging both temperature and humidity data. Customers receive access to data immediately after installation and activation, without any extra cost or subscription.

Other key features of the Thermo King wLog device include:

– Fast and easy plug-and-play installation for limited downtime. Quick activation via mobile app and no need for wires, extra hardware, or printer.

– Replaceable battery with notification when it needs to be changed.

– Dedicated mobile app offering access to all data, also accessible through web interface or Thermo King TracKing platform.

– Easy-to-share, paperless reports in PDF format accessible via mobile and web-based interfaces.

– Different logging intervals from every 2 minutes to every hour.

– Real-time temperature monitoring and temperature alarm on dedicated mobile app when in range of Bluetooth connection.

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