2021 CoolKit in Review – by Rupert Gatty, CEO

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Futuristic milk floats, scholarly partnerships, pharmaceutical fleet rollouts, and new talent represent some of the many highlights the CoolKit team has enjoyed this year.

At the time of writing, the company has its largest forward order book in its history, a record number of staff, and a wealth of innovative ongoing projects.

When we reflect on the many Covid-driven obstacles that diverted our path during the past 12 months, they are exceptional achievements.

It’s no secret that a major and persistent issue for the whole industry in 2021 has been supply chain.

We swiftly responded to the threats with a £2.7m investment in new van stock at the start of the year and have since worked closely with our manufacturing partners to ensure continuity of service for our customers.

In Spring 2021, we started production on hundreds of milk vehicles for a fellow Lancashire client, The Modern Milkman, following the successful trial of a prototype.

The vehicle represents the milk float of the future and is the first of its type in the country.

The shared responsibility for the welfare of our planet came to the fore this year and next year we will start to see designated low emission zones rolled out outside of London.

CoolKit is applying its own innovation to the enhancement of solutions for electric vans to prepare customers for the transition. This year we have launched a range of exciting new electric alternatives to traditional fuel reliant vehicles which are set to drive positive, sustainable change within the food and pharmaceutical delivery sectors.

We have also begun work on a multi-stage rollout of newly enhanced vans for AHH Pharmaceuticals, a leading distributor of pharmaceutical and healthcare products.

The 950 conversions support AAH’s commitment to creating a sustainable and GDP-compliant future for all, with the vehicles contributing significantly to the reduction of carbon emissions.

Our people remain the lifeblood of the business. In recent months we have invested in new talent in our factory so the demands of our expansive order book can be fulfilled.

In our service, maintenance and repair department, we welcomed Paul Barton, who leads our team in the provision of a complete, whole-life solution for owners and operators of refrigerated vehicles – a solution that is proving exceptionally popular among our fleet customers.

More recently, we secured a prestigious Management Knowledge Transfer Partnership with Manchester Metropolitan University. This exciting scheme will be fundamental to the development of our strategic management capabilities and will enhance business resilience, agility, and growth.

While there is no doubt our industry as a whole is experiencing significant growth, we believe that CoolKit’s own expansion is born from exceptional levels of business retention, highly effective marketing, and an innovative range of products that enjoy widespread appeal.

As we approach 2022, CoolKit is committed to substantial investment in training to enhance the skills and capabilities of our workforce.

We will also create multiple apprenticeship opportunities and numerous key appointments to further strengthen the team as we enter an exciting new year of growth at CoolKit.

We’re ready to meet both the opportunities and challenges of 2022 head on and our customers can rely on us yet again to deliver a quality, knowledgeable service they have come to expect from CoolKit.

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