Oakland International is prepared to fund up to 50 trucks and drivers to take essential food items to the Eastern border of Poland and possibly into Ukraine

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Oakland has today issued a call for support from the UK and Ireland food sector to assist our European friends so badly affected by the invasion of Ukraine.

They are involved in a sector which is famous for responding fast and achieving impossible targets – and they’re hoping that we can all publicise this request as much as possible for support and rally together that they can get all 50 trucks dispatched between Wednesday and Friday of this week.

Oakland International’s Co-Founder and Group CEO, Dean Attwell: “If you are able to support with offers of full pallets or full trucks of food, please email: [email protected]

Oakland’s own fleet and network of partners in the UK and Ireland can link up for full load collections or give the choice of 10 consolidation hubs which they will be using to build full truck loads.

Oakland will guarantee that all stock gets to where it is needed and they are in touch with embassies and the Red Cross to help guide them with the most needed commodities.

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