Nuii expands product range following year of growth

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Nuii has launched an exciting new ice cream SKU following a year of prosperity which saw the brand grow by 82.4% in value YOY (UK, 2019-20) to become the fastest growing indulgent stick brand in the sector. The Froneri-owned ice cream brand is launching a delicious new flavour to delight existing customers and attract the attention of new ones.

Decadent and luxurious, Caramel White Chocolate & Texan Pecan features creamy ice cream swirled with a delicious dark, malty, caramel sauce, with more caramel mixed into the white chocolate coating to give it its unique blonde colour and smoky caramel taste. It has pieces of buttery pecan sprinkled generously on top for extra crunch and bite and is the perfect blend of salty and sweet.

Already available in Asda, it will continue to roll out in supermarkets nationwide until 1st March 2021. The product has an RRP of £3.89 for three individual ice creams.

Brunhilde van Antwerp, UK Head of Marketing at Froneri comments, “We have an exciting summer planned for Nuii, with a full marketing campaign in the pipeline which will feature TV, PR and social media activity. Nuii is so much more than just a chocolate coated ice cream on a stick. It ranks above the market average for being modern, innovative and adventurous and we are excited to launch this new flavour and take consumers on a thrilling new taste adventure.”

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