Les Nouveaux Affineurs brings its plant-based cheese alternatives within everyone’s reach with its first pilot factory in Ivry-sur-Seine

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Les Nouveaux Affineurs announces the opening of its first manufacturing plant in Ivry-sur-Seine. This experimental factory spanning 1000 m² / 10,764 ft2 – like none other in Europe – is dedicated to the development and manufacture of plant-based cheese alternatives. The production capacity could reach 10 tons per week thanks to new investments. After a fundraising that brought in two million euros in early 2020, the French start-up is now taking a new step: one that is crucial in providing everyone with access to healthy, ethical, flavourful, plant-based cheese alternatives.

A radical change of scale to ramp up sales

Les Nouveaux Affineurs specialises in the manufacture and sales of natural, plant-based products to be enjoyed like cheeses. Three years after the company was first established, it kicks into high gear and inaugurates its brand-new factory in Ivry-sur-Seine, where their flavourful plant-based cheese alternatives are developed and manufactured.

The French start-up is opening a production plant like none other in Europe, spanning 1000 m² / 10,764 ft2, entirely dedicated to innovating plant-based foods.

The site has two production lines to provide for each of the brand’s two ranges, as well as a laboratory for research, development and test production; and it is the company’s new headquarters. The launch of this new manufacturing plant opens the way to creating ten jobs by the end of 2021.

Thanks to its new production capacity, Les Nouveaux Affineurs is now ramping up the roll-out of its multi-channel distribution strategy throughout France and abroad to address the growing demand across Europe.

Traditional expertise and plant-based proficiency for a burst of flavours

The creations of Les Nouveaux Affineurs are based on the mastery of artisanal fermentation and the adaptation of traditional cheese-making expertise to plant-based ingredients. The results offer textures and flavours that are very similar to those of dairy cheeses, with an exceptionally short list of ingredients. To a base principally made up of organic, fair-trade cashew nuts and a touch of guaranteed GMO-free, 100% French soya, we add ferments, water, a pinch of Camargue salt, and organic seasonings. No additives, no preservatives. The Affinés range has its place on the cheese plate of the most discerning gourmets, while the Frais range may be spread, dipped or used in savoury or sweet recipes.

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