Indulge in new flavours of creamy Cornish ice cream from Kelly’s (seriously, it’s the best)

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When the Cornish make ice cream, it’s serious business. Every scoop is crafted with care, time and a dash of serious Cornish passion. There is no messing about.

Kelly’s has been crafting ice cream in Cornwall since 1930, and with a heritage of over 90 years, they can be trusted to deliver an exceptional taste experience. Their delicious ice cream is made using rich whole milk and velvety clotted cream from West Country farms. When it comes to production, there is no cutting corners. They use traditional, authentic methods that have stood the test of time to craft small batches of seriously scrumptious Cornish ice cream with the perfect creamy texture.

If you are as serious about ice cream as Kelly’s, then you will be excited to know that there are two new flavours available to truly tantalise your tastebuds.

Kelly’s Clotted Cream & British Raspberry Ripple: – made with local Cornish whole milk and clotted cream -. swirled with seriously fruity British raspberry sauce — and a sprinkling of raspberry pieces are added for good measure.

Kelly’s Chocolate with a hint of Cornish Sea Salt: – A true classic with a West Country twist. Made using local Cornish whole milk and clotted cream -to craft the creamiest of chocolate ice cream with a sprinkling of Cornish sea salt for that extra indulgence.

Kelly’s ice cream is the perfect way to finish a meal, whether it is a two course dinner for two or a much bigger family affair. Delicious on its own, topped with fresh berries or with a dash of chocolate sauce, a scoop or two of Kelly’s Cornish ice cream is a lovely, sweet treat for all the family.

Did you know that Kelly’s is as passionate about bumblebees as they are ice cream? Behind every great cow there is a great bee, pollinating the fields they graze. To support Cornwall’s physical environment and to ensure they can continue to produce lovely Cornish ice cream, Kelly’s has partnered with the Bumblebee Conservation Trust, to support sustainable local farming which will give better, bumblebee friendly pastures.

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