Chicago Town’s iconic deep dish pizza is now available with 30% less fat

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The nation’s number 1 frozen pizza brand, Chicago Town, is adding a brand new, lighter offering to its iconic Deep Dish range.

Chicago Town Deep Dish Light Cheese Feast will arrive in the frozen aisle this month, providing pizza lovers with a reduced fat alternative to the much-loved classic.

The lighter pizza is the first of its kind in the frozen pizza market and promises a cheesy, fully loaded pizza experience, despite boasting 30 per cent less fat than the original.

Consumer research conducted by Chicago Town revealed that 73% of consumers said they wouldn’t have known it was a lighter pizza as it tasted just like a standard pizza, with no compromise on taste.

Big on flavour but lower in fat, the new Chicago Town Deep Dish Light Cheese Feast is the perfect option for those looking to enjoy a tasty pizza. And with lashing of gooey cheese, what’s not to love?

Made using a delicious blend of stringy mozzarella and full-flavoured, reduced fat cheddar, cheese lovers won’t be disappointed.

Chicago Town has achieved a 30 per cent reduction in fat thanks to a lighter cheese blend and a new crust recipe. The famous Deep Dish pizza is the perfect size for a lunchtime treat and any occasion that requires a quick, tasty meal.

Rachel Bradshaw, Marketing Manager for Chicago Town said: “The Chicago Town Deep Dish Light Cheese Feast is a great addition to our popular Deep Dish range. We wanted to give our customers our signature cheesy taste, while offering a reduced fat alternative – and this pizza does just that.

“In our consumer research, the large majority of our taste testers said they would purchase the new Deep Dish Light Cheese Feast – so we can’t wait for all pizza lovers to give it a go!”

The new lighter pizza will be available in selected Tesco stores from 22 March.

Chicago Town Deep Dish Light Cheese Feast joins the existing Deep Dish range, which is worth £55.9m in value and has an 11% share of the total frozen pizza market.

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